10 Weeks In, My 10 Favorite Photos: Which Do You Like Best?

8 Replies to “10 Weeks In, My 10 Favorite Photos: Which Do You Like Best?

  1. Between the shoes, the bakery and all the others, it’s a tough call, but I’d have to go with the afternoon light in Rousillon for its atmospherics.

  2. I love the sanglier because we encountered some and even more of their stories in the local “police log” in France, loved Carnival in Nice because it is SOO “nice” of Kathy, loved the view of Mt San Victoire because we loved seeing it, aussie, and Rousillion also because we saw it and such other wonderful places in the Luberon, though at a frenetic faster pace than you could enjoy. Frankly, since this will not be published we loved every one of your choices and All of those which did not make it to the top 10!

    1. Thanks Ellen. I had a hard time picking 10, not because my pics are so good (they’re not) but because I have fun taking them.

  3. Tough choice, enjoyed all! But to pick one, I love le chat and am looking forward to visiting Ansouis myself in May. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s a great little town Karen. Make sure you come on a day La Closerie is open. A sumptuous restaurant.

  4. Those are great pictures Jerry! and I can happily say: We’ve been there! We love the afternoon light in Rousillon, the view of Mount Ste. Victoire is fantastic too. We were standing in front of that gate surrounded by many cars and could not cross the traffic circle to take THAT picture on our way to the Painter’s Ground. We settle for a photo behind the bars. The one of the Sanglier brings bitter sweet memories but we love the picture just the same. We discovered this fountain on our last night in Aix. Kathy in carnival looks awesome!
    Al picks Kathy at the carnival because of her pretty smile.
    Yoly picks afternoon light in Rousillon because this how I imagine France with its narrow and ancient streets. Great job with all your pictures, keep that camera rolling and thanks for sharing.

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