To My Readers



In January 2014, I’ll be arriving in Aix-en-Provence for my second prolonged stay. I’m a

journalist, a blogger, a professor of journalism and an unabashed Francophile.

My visit to Aix is the starting point of a bigger project, an adventure I’ll share with

you as it unfolds just as I hope you’ll share tips and suggestions with me. Come

summer I hope to start a journey on the back roads of France in search of small French

businesses – specialty shops, artisans, farms and vintners – who are struggling to

retain their way of life, their traditions, through innovation and adaptation as France

undergoes economic challenges and rapid change. First, however, I need to stretch my

command of the language, shore up my research, extend my sense of French culture

and community.


Along the way, your suggestions are welcome. You can even request a detour to learn

about a particular resting place, region or restaurant. For now, a bientot. Do come

back soon.

Jerry Lanson


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