Heading Home to Aix

Paris has been amazing, a mix of old favorites and new neighborhoods, new museum exhibits, new restaurants, new faces. And, I kid you not, most Parisians seem friendlier than they once did. Maybe it’s because our French is better. Maybe it’s OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbecause we’re older. Maybe Parisians are taking to heart admonitions from the government to be more welcoming to their guests.

But after 10 days of walking and people watching, enjoying spectacular special museum exhibits and free concerts, sampling some great restaurants and snapping photographs, we’re ready to return to Aix.

This fantastic, frenetic trip reminded me again that Aix is its own slow lane.  Throw open the shudders in the morning. Stop by the market for vegetables after breakfast. Sip a glass of wine on the patio in the afternoon sun. Study a bit of French and write a little in between. I like that simplicity, the sense of time moving slowly, the pleasure of our small routines.

We have loved Paris. Always do. Always will. But to think we have spring in Aix and then the countryside ahead lifts my spirits.

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  1. Hello,

    My husband an I are coming to Aix the end of September. I’ve been told by a good friend who lives in Lyon that this a good time to visit. Any pointers you could give on the must sees of Provence? Thanks

    1. Hi Adrianne. That’s a big question. What kinds of things do you like to do? What’s great about Provence is it is so varied. There are villages, Roman ruins, vineyards, hikes, ocean, marshland, cliffs, etc. Narrow it down a bit for me and give me a sense of your timeframe and I can be more helpful. (If you prefer, look at http://www.Emerson.edu and write to my school email.) In Aix itself, the Saturday market is a must. I’d walk to the park above Cezanne’s atelier and go to the new (not the old) Granet museum. But what you’ll like best is walking through and sitting in the old town. More a place to be than to sightsee. Let me know on the rest and I’ll give more suggestions.

  2. Hi Jerry,

    You are correct…that was a big question! I have long wanted to visit Provence! After reading all of Peter Mayle’s books, It only became stronger. Like you and your wife, my husband and I want to immerse ourselves in the region. Antiquing, markets,hiking,cafes, people watching, exploring the beauty. We will be in Provence September 27- October 4. I wish it were for much longer! We will be in Paris first then take the TGV to Provence. I’ve been reading your posts and have already gleaned a wealth of information! Will you be there in the fall? Would be great to meet you. I will also check out your books.



    1. We won’t be there in the fall Adrianne. Wish I were! You’ll love it here regardless of what you do.
      But give me a hint. I love giving people travel suggestions. (My dad ran a travel agency at the end of his life.)

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