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  1. Dear Jerry and Kathy,

    What a delightful Blog, congratulations and thank you!

    I am particularly interested in following in your footsteps and so I have been pouring over your helpful information for the past 2 hours while I figure out how my dream to live in France might become reality. We live in Toronto and have some lovely friends who grew up in Carcasson; they advised me to look at Aix as a home base for many of the reasons you say in your Blog. So here I am. I too am retired, 54 years old and would be travelling with my husband, who has agreed to miss a Canadian hockey season this one time! May I ask with which address on homeaway did you book? And which French language course would you recommend? I’m sorry if you mentioned this info. further along in the posts, but I’m too eager to find out and will save the rest of the Blog to read tomorrow.

    Merci beaucoup,


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