In Chamonix, a Journey to the Top of the World

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  1. We had one friend visit who insisted he wanted to go to the Swiss Alps. We told him it would be better to go to Mont Blanc. . All the way driving there he kept saying but this looks like the Swiss Alps! . We finally told him just pretend you’re in Switzerland this is the REAL Alps. When we got to the top and he saw the view he thanked us for profusely for insisting on coming to Mont Blanc!

    1. Hi Patricia,
      That’s a funny story about your friend. We, in fact, always loved the Swiss alps until we discovered Chamonix. My brother and I dreamed
      of climbing the Matterhorn and even tried once in our mid-50s (we did the practice climbs but the guide said ‘don’t try.’ But we, too, have discovered that Alps know no country borders.

  2. Wow! Votre photos sont très merveilleuse!
    Mont Blanc looks terrific, you have captured a great sneak a peek that makes me want to go there on my next France vacation. Our view of the French Alps were minuscule from the west, while we cycled through Lyon. Once again, thanks for the pictures, the tips and all the great stories written. We trully enjoyed them throughout your travels.
    Yoly and Al

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