Tempted to LItter on the Trail? Read This

Think it’s OK to bury those orange peels on the trail? Or toss out a piece of chewing gum?IMG_4870

Chamonix mag’ has this to say about litter on the trails:

The lifetime of your waste:

Fruit peels — last 6 months

Chewing gum — 2 to 5 years

A cigarette butt — 2 to 15 years

An aluminum can — 100 to 500 years

A plastic bottle — 100 to 1,000 years

So whatever you bring into the mountains, pack out.



One Reply to “Tempted to LItter on the Trail? Read This”

  1. yeah, hurrah. Zillions of years ago as we hiked the upper Appalachian trail, toward Mt Marcy, we met “gum-ear”, stuck his gum on his ear!!! and “orange blossom”, weird guys on their way down as we were on our way up. They linger in our memory, but only a five minute encounter…45 years ago….Ellen and Frank

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