An Afternoon in Marseille

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  1. Hi Jerry, I think you’re not in Aix-en-Provence at the moment, but if you are, I’m introducing myself and my husband, Darryl. We are Angelenos who just arrived in “your” town. I’m a book publisher and former travel/food writer (Darryl is a television editor and producer), and I found your site a couple of months ago when planning this trip. I’m grateful for the guidance and enthusiasm on your site! Also, we are an Emerson family– our younger daughter just graduated from there in May. Anyway, if you’re in town, Darryl and I would love to take you and your wife out for a drink or a meal or something. Your life is quite inspiring to us!

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely note. I really appreciate it. I’m not in Aix now; next visit is likely next spring.
      Enjoy the city. It’s truly a remarkable place as my students noted in their reflective final essays. Just fyi if
      you’re interested, I’m co-author of a book called “The Elements of Blogging” that will be released by Focal Press
      in two weeks.

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