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We Meet an Old Friend & Other Snippets

lots of cool buildings

We were ambling back from the Tuesday market — a small shopping trip for fish, cheese, freshly picked strawberries and a few vegetables — when we heard a woman’s voice. “Star Market,” she said, a  reference to our shopping bag. “Boston.”  We looked up to see a familiar face, Nathalie, who with her husband retired…

A Spring Day on Mont Sainte-Victoire


The D17 is the scenic route through the scrub pine forests along the southern base of Mont Sainte-Victoire.  It’s also the only route, a narrow, sometimes single-lane-wide road with no center divide.  Thankfully, at this time of year, there are few cars and, once off on the trails, fewer people. The road heads east from…

A Meal from the Food Gods


It’s not as if we’ve been lacking for good meals here in France. Not close. In Aix, we’ve consistently enjoyed the lunchtime formule at Bistroquet, a plat du jour, dessert and glass of wine for about $22. Or we’ve relished the chevre chaud, plat du jour and absolutely divine chocolate cake at Fanny’s Bistrot Gourmand.…