Monthly Archives: May 2014

Hiking the Calanques Near Cassis


Take your pick. On either a cloudy day along the Mediterranean coast or a sunny one on which  you’d like to reach to a more secluded beach, hiking the calanques west of Cassis makes for an enjoyable outing. (We chose the gray day — last Thursday — and saved the sunny one  for the beach…

Doing Business the French Way


We stopped by the used book store just off Rue d’Italie this morning.  Kathy, our family’s voracious reader, had four used books to give back. And she had a plan: Perhaps, as we prepare to leave Aix-en-Provence, she could trade the four books for one used English book to read on the road. The slight,…

Reading About the 1930s, Thinking About 2014


Political sentiment across the Continent has converged at a grumpy and small-minded nadir. There is anger about high unemployment. There is pessimism about the future. There is irritation at immigration. There is alienation from the European Union. — Roger Cohen, the International New York Times It is against precisely this backdrop that the citizens of…