Back in Aix: Our Home Away From Home

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  1. Hello, I like your website! I learned about it from an article in the Huffington Post. I am 55 and my stressful career as a finance person is fizzling. So I am thinking about retirement. I am thinking about buying a modest apartment in Aix, for the purpose of living there six months each year (the other six months in Los Angeles).

    Would you say there are some nice neighborhoods, where I could perhaps spend a bit less than downtown Aix, but be able to walk or take the bus into town easily? Also, is there enough to do, or would I get bored? I speak French almost fluently. Can you get jobs there (I am an EU citizen, so a work permit is not a problem)? How did you arrange health insurance? Thanks for any suggestions and help!

    1. Thanks Gregory. It’s on hiatus til I get back to France this spring. But there’s lots of information there that’s still relevant to the traveler.

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